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Well my wife,sister-in-law, and brother-in-law all bought their first hand guns in December and had no dros issues... I on the other hand am now on day 21 of the dros process. I am assuming my delay is because of a misdemeanor assault conviction from 1982 ( I was 21 and got into a bar fight , I got 6 months unadjudicated probation but as I understand this will still show up as a conviction.) However I have no way to confirm why I am on DROS delay since the DROS department isn't accepting calls. I guess the issue that I have with the CA DOJ is that the DROS department isn't taking calls until January 14th (maybe or maybe not) so I am literally being denied my 2A rights without any method of appeal or recourse. I understand the need to keep firearms out of bad guys hands but this is bordering on abusing the rights of law abiding citizens.

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