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Originally Posted by OC_Gunner View Post
Your FFL should be fine with receiving it and even selling it to ou without the BB.
While this is correct in that the FFL should be fine with receiving it and selling it without the BB, it does not mean it is actually the case.

If you want to avoid problems, you should communicate in advance to insure that there will not be a problem. There are some FFLs who won't deal with AR type rifles. I don't know why, but that is their choice.

Some FFLs might think that it is illegal to receive an AR lower without the bullet button, which is not correct, but good luck trying to convince such a person, especially after they have received it. Remember, some people are not rational, even FFLs.

Consider the statements in this article:

“If someone is found with a gun that’s assembled and the bullet button on the gun, that is an illegal gun in the state of California,” she told us. Within seconds, however, she said the opposite. “But a bullet button is legal, right?” we asked her. “Yes.”
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