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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
there is no such thing as a "frontline".
women soldiers have been dying in iraq and afganistan because the whole country is a war zone and there is no defined "frontline".
women are already clearing homes.
they are being blown up in trucks.
they are on the frontline each and every day.
i'm betting they even send out drones from colorado.
the old idea that there is a frontline is now a myth in modern day warfare.
the air force has women pilots flying in those war zones.
do a bit of research. its not that hard.
its not "should women be allowed" because its "women are already doing it".
I have to agree with mz

My first thought when I read the question about 'front-line combat' was the image of the men with rifles and bayonets, in the trenches, facing machine-gun fire.

mz's point about warfare having become more 'mechanised', technically sophisticated', and 'area-ubiquitous' with no defined front lines reflects the reality of the here-and-now......well, there-and-now, anyway.

Other than that, I'm just not qualified to have any meaningful opinion.

Sure, if I'd been in Russia, in 1940-41, was in the path of the invasion, and had the choice of doing my best as a sniper, and quite possibly dying, or hiding in a cellar, and quite possibly dying from an artillery strike, I'd have felt better about taking up the rifle, making up my sniper-robe, and, at least, trying to take some of the enemy with me, if I was to die anyway.

I have a hard time even imagining the level of fear that I'd have felt, and the level of determination it would have taken me to deal with that fear.

Back in the mid-'60's, the Vietnam war era, I was an ordinary, undistinguished, civilian munitions worker, one among thousands.

I could not have even imagined being capable of active military service in a combat situation.......maybe, just maybe, I could have done alright in an armorer shop or comms facility well behind the lines, or some such, if that really had to be.

That was then.........if today is different, so be it........I am ever so grateful that I've never been in a place where a war came to my location and I'd have had no choice but to be part of it, one way or another.

If there are now some numbers of young women who volunteer for jobs in a combat zone, well, more power to them........they are a lot tougher and a lot more brave than ever I was.


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