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Originally Posted by Citadelonline View Post
I'd like to hear from, in this thread or a separate thread, individuals who have DROS'd a firearm with no conflicts, delays or questionable denials during the recent time period in question.
A little balance might be useful in characterizing the proportionality, extent and relative number of processing issues being experienced.
Me too! Anyone pick up an AR or AK when they're supposed to? Anyone dros anything at the end of 2012 and get it in 10 or 11 days?

I've never been convicted of a crime. I own 5 firearms, the last one I drosed was delayed by 1 (or 2?) days, which was far early last year (pre panic and back up). I believe the delay was a mistake, or "just making sure" as DOJ said.

I've got my 6th firearm in jail right now (my first "black rifle") and for some reason I'm paranoid it will be caught up in delay. I really have nothing that would make me inelligible from clearing but we all know how busy DOJ is.

My pick up date is Jan 14th and I'm pretty excited/nervous, anyone care to share a recent, positive and smooth, normal experience?
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