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Originally Posted by dmcag69 View Post
Got there around 10:50, waited thirty minutes in line. Walk up and down every aisle, seen every booth, found some norinco 7.62x39mm for $7, snatched that up, plenty of 7.62x39mm ammo I seen, if you look. Rebuild kits for any rifle were average $50 each. Plenty of mags. 7.62x54R was also $6-$7. Lots of shotguns for sale. Everyone was waiting in line for bulk ammo. Tried looking at several guns, people pushed or got in front of me. FAL $1200 & $1400. Yugo Pistols $1200 saw one for $870 $890, can't remember, several hundred cheaper than the other dealer. More people were buying pistols more than rifles. Albanian sks was $800, sks paratrooper $579, sold. Mare's Leg 44 magnum for $499, many Taurus revolvers in 38 special. Left at 1:40, no one was outside.
Lady in parking lot told me three hour wait, lies, its to get people to leave.
In at 10:50, out at 1:40?? Is this a really tiny show? The last show I went to was in Phoenix and it took me two full days to go through it.
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