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Originally Posted by lowend65 View Post
I actually loaded some rounds today. Had a lot of startup problems, but worked through them. Broke the goddamn powderdrop chain twice... took me 3 hardware stores to find one that was long enough.
Dialing in the powderdrop was easy. Lee's chart was dead on at 4.0 Grains on my scale.
I did 4 successful rounds.
Am having issues with primers not feeding properly, and the powder dropping through the unprimed cases. Started getting frustrated so I stopped around 4pm, but will take another crack at it tomorrow.

One thing I have to say: Lee's instructions SUCK. There is so little information included with the press, it was really frustrating having to come back into the house and watch videos on how to zero the shell plate and tighten the ram screw. This info should really be in the manual
Somewhere way, way back I remember watching a guy that made a video for tuning up the primer system on one of the Lee Progressives. It went into exacting detail on how to deburr the plastic feed ramps, etc.

Maybe Cowboy T will happen along and help with your primer issues, he is the master of all things Lee.
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