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Originally Posted by 8mmFMJ View Post
I drove locally, I go to most events when I can. But I can't believe what's going on here in SoCal.

6 freaking hour wait to get in. All I want is some 9mm reloads, maybe some Sks parts. But damnit Im fed up. 99 percent of the people waiting in line to get in aren't enthusiasts, they are here because they THINK "guns will be banned".

I decided to head over to bass pro shop and walk around, maybe buy a new fishin pole parking.

Idiotic mob mentality. I just want a new gas rod

With all due respect...but what time did you get there? I was there at 7:45 and yes it was crowded but it did not take no where near 6 hours to get in. There were clearly about 250 people already there ahead of me in line. It was also evident by 9:00 however, that the fire marshal was going to halt people from going in as there was just too long of a line for such a small venue. Not trying to be mean or anything, but maybe you should have considered getting there earlier.

Even if most of the people buying today were there as a result of the panic, I have to say that they still woke up and got there early. I posted earlier in the week about my experiences in Vegas last weekend. I also made recommendations about buying your tickets online and getting there early and simply camping out (hint, hint...waiting). If you had to wait six hours, it is clear that you came after a lot of other people had already arrived. That's not the fault of the panic buyers, that's simply your fault for getting there late. Again, not trying to be an a*****e, but why complain about others when they woke up early enough and got there early enough to get in before yourself?

I too wanted 9mm ammo. The price that Miwall had them at was a killer deal for 500 rounds of reloads. By the time that I got into the venue and stood in line, I realized that I simply did not want to wait. So I simply passed and hoped that this deal with be around by the time OC comes around. For me, this was simply a scouting mission in preparation for OC. I went to Vegas and saw the madness there. I saw the madness her at Ontario and I definitely know what to do in preparation for OC. In truth, this did not compare to Vegas however as the lines were still bigger in Vegas as the venue is bigger than the Ontario Convention Center. In all, I realize that I will probably need to be at OC by no later than 6:30am and simply wait as the lines there will be much larger than they were today.
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