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I guess I had a different experience getting in. Pulled off the freeway, sheep were going left and I went right. Right into a hotel parking lot. No problem! Took my online ticket and got in line at 9am. I never saw a 6 hour line!! Took about 45 minutes for us to get in. When I left around noon there was no line at all. 223 reloads were going for $.40-.50 a round. Didn't see any powder or brass. Got a couple charging handles for $22 a pop. Bcgs going for $300 average (Young Mfg) although I did see a couple dpms for $250. Pmags-$50. Most other mags around the same. Miwali and LAX had huge lines. I found a smaller reloader out of Temecula that only had 7-8 people in line. $249 for 500 rds 55gr fmj. He had 6 boxes of Yugo 7.62x39 for $10 a box which I bought.

Uppers were flying off the shelves. In fact, no one would sell me a charging handle because they needed them for their complete uppers! Mostly no name uppers I saw selling. JD Machine also had a large line. I grabbed a beer and watched the chaos unfolding. Glad I'm pretty set on ar stuff
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