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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
not sure why you think the forum gets cluttered with sold items. If the OP would just update the title to say SOLD and not bump it to say SOLD, the old threads would fall the bottom .

Plus, many of us prefer to be able to look at old threads to see what certain firearms were listed for. It can be used as a research tool.

I agree with your premiss all day.. But the Marketplace gets totally cluttered (especially doing a search) because OP's dont close, or mark as sold.. Then someone bumps a thread thats been dead for weeks or months..

It annoys the cr@p out of me on a consistent basis.. People sell their stuff and just leave the posts up..

I agree having the posts avalible is a good thing for "market value" but after a certain time im thinking market posts could be locked at least.. to prevent bumping stuff that's long gone.

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