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Originally Posted by Atlantaboi2012 View Post
BEST OPTION! Nothing beats a FTF no matter what your doing. Ive known some guys to get some damn good assignments all based on shaking hands with the right people who shake hands with the top people.
I dont think you understand the 82nd ABN ... if you are not going Airborne , then they usually refuse to help you with anything... thats how our brigade rolls. I tried the "FTF" route when I had a "compassionate reassignment"request all they did was brush me off and lose my paperwork (twice btw). Ive got other exampes , but thats another story. Im asking how to do this with out going FTF, Ive looked into ASK in AKO as well but thats fairly limited so im asking for other options

1)AR15 Aero Precision Skeletonized Lower
2)WW1 or WW2 era US Army 1911
Pre 1924 preferred (Not Arsenal Refinished)
3)S&W 686+ anything between 686 to 686-4
4)S&W M&p9 or 40 FRAME

Originally Posted by DanDanPumperMan View Post
DV you are an attention whore. This thread sucked and so do 99% of your posts.
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