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Originally Posted by BabySig View Post
We are on the front line and we've performed well. Yes we should be there but that doesn't mean we are accepted as equals. Also, the women that went to Marine Infantry Officer Course- one was removed for medical and the reason the other one dropped has not been shared. Don't be so quick to judge for all anyone knows the second one dropped because her school seat opened up. After all the Marine Corps wasn't actually going to award them the MOS.
Sorry baby sig, i read the report She failed out. I understand how many woman think it should be individual choice, I highly disagree, Woman DO NOT BELONG ON FRONT LINE.

Think about what that would do to the men. How many of us would be more mentally wounded by watching Woman(mothers of children) being shot on front line. It should not happen and prob will never happen due to society having trouble picturing that also. I am not here to say they cant SOME CAN BUT REALITY WITH MY eyes is most cant. Again many woman feed off there emotions. And to compare Law enforment and fire to combat is so far off. There are 2 diff animals and cant be compared. Again everything comes from experience with my eyes. DONT HATE ON ME FOR BRINGING THE TRUTH>
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