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Originally Posted by blap59 View Post
Your best bet is to ask around and see who is deploying and ask to go. But then you'll have to convince your CO to let you go.

MOBCOP and whatnot is good, but networking with humans will be your best bet.
BEST OPTION! Nothing beats a FTF no matter what your doing. Ive known some guys to get some damn good assignments all based on shaking hands with the right people who shake hands with the top people. This is how officers get hooked up on those "special assignments" most an enlisted you have to sell yourself and your skills. Some people may look at it in a negative liight as if your abandoning your team, but todays military is like a business. Only you know whats best for you and your family therefore you need to make the right moves to get ahead in life. That means picking and choosing units that have no money hangups... the more money a command has, the better training, weapons, transportation, equipment, morale, etc its going to have....Hooyah

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