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Honestly I believe it should be up to each person. If they want to be there and work the same capacity, whos to say no? Mental and Physical ability is up to that person. I worked over new years and some of the calls we got were like a war. Retarded drunks and combative individuals. Was constantly asked if I was ok. I appreciated the concern from others, but just because I am a woman and am not very large, doesnt mean I am not capable. Have recently made job changes so many others may be concerned since I am still fairly new.

But I can only imagine front line combat and the horrors there of. But again, should be left to each their own, if they believe themselves capable.

Posted this elsewhere a while ago, like prosol and other LE/MIL related forums. Was met with a lot of hostile responses. Such as women arent strong enough. Dont have the endurance. Arent combat effective. Some were fine with general on the lines, but all were against the availability and oppertunity for entry and advancement in the Special Operations Community. High Speed Squirrels.

Ive for the last few years been making changes to go from what I was to how I am now. Simply because I was intending to make this employment change all along.

But a lot of people dont think a womans place is on that line. Not just in MIL but also today in Civilian Law Enforcement. Personally I think if anyone can meet physical standards and show they are capable. Why not. Not everyone should be on that line. Not just gender restricted. Look, some guys arent either lol.
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