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Group Buy Update:

Today, the forging company updated us with an estimated completion for mid-to late March 2013 for the forgings we ordered in November for the Group Buy. They explained that they are running behind on production.

You are all aware, the crushing demand and buying frenzy that is currently taking place has put a significant strain on the Firearms industry, especially with the AR15 market.

The availability of everything from raw materials to finished products has been impacted, and this is what we are currently encountering with the order for the forgings.

With the current political climate, and huge demand, we do not want to wait for the new forgings, and we don’t want to experience any other serious delays to this Group Buy.

The main reason why we had to order new forgings for this Group Buy was to allow us to engrave the CGF model and serial number.


We have a Plan B in place.

We have been machining our AT-15 forged lower receivers since October 2012 to fulfill back orders we took late summer 2012 with forgings we had in stock.

Due to the nature of our industry, and from our previous experience with suppliers not shipping or delivering in time, we set up a reserve of semi-finished lower receivers from our last production run just in case the new forgings could not be delivered in a reasonable timeframe so we can complete the Group Buy.

We have enough of our AT-15 lowers in 80-90% stage from our last production run at this point to complete the group buy. The AT-15 lowers we have in reserve already have the AT-15 model number and our serial numbers engraved on them, so we cannot engrave the CGF model name and CGF serial number.

These lowers need some final machining and prep, which will take another week. Then we can package these and ship to Anodizing. Anodizing is estimated to take approx. 4-5 weeks.

The ONLY difference between the Group Buy lowers and the AT-15 lowers is the Model and Serial number markings on the lower receiver.

The CGF laser engraving will still be done in the same location. You can see the details in the rendition below (see picture below).

We have also discussed this Plan B with Brandon at CGF (aka Wildhawker), and CGF is 100% on board and approved/recommended this change in the group buy in lieu of waiting until May, where we are at the mercy of the forger for further problems/delays.

Given the current political climate and huge demand / run on lower receivers right now, we feel that Plan B is the best way to proceed.

What this does for the group buy:
  1. We have the forgings in hand at this time. We will complete and anodize them. Then engrave with the CGF logo just as promised in the group buy main post. Meaning they only have to go out of house for anodizing, then once they are back from Anodizing, we will laser engrave the CGF logo on each lower.
  2. The entire process including Laser Engraving the lowers is estimated to be completed by the end of February.
  3. These lowers are identical in quality and spec to the originally offered lowers. The only difference is the model name and serial number markings. (Please see the attached picture for an example).
  4. The $3k donation will still be made to CGF at the completion of the group buy.
  5. Serial numbers will still be sequential for those of you that purchased multiple lowers.

To reiterate, the ONLY difference between these lowers and the originally ordered lowers is the model name, serial number and placement of the Addax Tactical name (again, see the attached image).

Please contact Kaligaran or us if you have any questions.

Please do not contact us asking if we have any additional lowers available, since what we have in reserve is going to be used to fulfill the current Group Buy orders.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Thank you,
Addax Tactical

1431 Truman St.
Unit E
San Fernando, CA 91340


Phone: (818) 361-5008
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