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Thumbs up Brass Cleaning and Annealing Now Available

Do you want to clean your brass with stainless media and machine-anneal it -but don't want to buy all the equipment needed to do it yourself?

I know having someone else do "our" work goes against most hand-loader's principles, but if you don't have the equipment, I can help.

Let me de-prime your fired cases, deep-clean them with stainless-steel media and properly anneal the cases using a Bench-Source machine. They're ready to resize, load and shoot when they're returned to you.

I can turn this dirty, crummy range pickup

Into this

All for just .10/case. Examples: 200 cases = $20.00. 500 cases = $50.00. 1,000 cases = $100.00

With 500 new 308Win cases going for $200 (Lapua for $300) it's a much cheaper alternative to buying new brass.
For those of you running Wildcat chamberings, the value is even greater.

Brass that has been re-sized more than 3-4 times will become work-hardened and will have inconsistent neck tension.
Annealing can alleviate this as each case is annealed exactly the same as the others.
SS cleaning removes all the burned carbon from inside the case, cleans the primer pockets and leaves the exterior like new.

2-4 day turnaround. Minimum order of $20. Return shipping is via Priority Mail. PM me for shipping address & payment details.

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