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Originally Posted by 2nab View Post
Not at all a straw purchase. If im selling an XDM that ive had for three years and i decide to sell it to my LGS owner because we are friends and he just gave me a good deal on a used Rem 870.
That is correct, if you sell a firearm which have had, then it is nothing, but if instead you are a LEO and buy a firearm for someone else, in order to bypass the roster, and sell it right after you get it, then it could be considered a straw purchase.

Here is an example, but please realize that I don't agree with the view, but I am not the BATF:

1) You know a friend is looking for a specific firearm and you happen to find it and buy it in hopes of selling it to your friend. This is not a straw purchase.

2) You know a friend is looking for a specific firearm and you happen to find it and call your friend to see if he wants it, then you buy it. This is a straw purchase. It does not matter if you do the transfer through a FFL. You signed the 4473 saying that you were the actual buyer/transferee, which is not the case.

please tell me what ive violated. perhaps you misunderstood me but that is not even remotely a straw buy. in fact i actually do have a few off roster pistols id like to sell. id be happy to sell them PPT at a discount to a friend. especially one that has offered me good deals in the past. if im wrong for that please let me know so i dont do it again.
Buying a firearm and later deciding that you want to sell it is not a problem, as long as you don't do it too often as you would then be an unlicensed dealer. Buying a firearm and selling it right away could be a problem. You might not get noticed, but then again you might. They might want to make an example of you or they might ignore it.
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