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Originally Posted by 2nab View Post
Dkirk. what area are you in? let me propose a third option that ive seen work in other places. make friendly with some local LEOs. if you take trade ins or find good deals on non-roster handguns then pass some deals on to the LEOs and one of them will return the favor. let them know what you are looking for and you might be surprised. Buying off roster as PPT from LEO would seem like a better goal than trying to somehow beat the system, risk or forfeit your FFL. What area are you in and what are you looking for.
What you are suggesting could be considered a straw purchase. There are already some LEOs who are being charged. While I don't consider transfers that all go through a FFL to be a straw purchase, the BATF does not agree with my view. Also, departments don't like such things either.
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