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There is no work around. You can keep non-rostered handguns in your shop inventory as long as you are in business. As soon as you are out of business, then you cannot legally just keep the firearms. Handguns would have to be DROSed to you. You are not exempt from the roster of approved handguns for sale for DROS.

If you just kept them, all handgun sales since 1991 must be registered in the State of California. As soon as you shoot someone or get pulled over and they find PC to run your serial number and find it is not in your name, you are potentially busted.

You would be much wiser to use the single shot exempt method to lawfully take personal possession or if you have an out of state grandchild, child, parent, grandparent have them intrafamilial transfer to you.

There is no getting around it. That is the way it is.

Now there are plenty of ways as a dealer you can illegally do this. However, the key world is illegally. You might as well go out of state and buy one face to face, there would be less start up costs and less likely you would be caught in an audit. You would still be a criminal and you would still have to worry about a cop running your serial number and discovering it is not properly registered.

There are no shortcuts. It is what it is. So just don't do anything except SSE, intrafamilial from out of state after going through and FFL, or become an FFL and keep them as long as you have an FFL.
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