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Originally Posted by thehummerguy View Post
Have you ever been in combat? We aren't talkin about a day on the range...I too have little if any issues with GI mags...stateside, in the sandbox and the Stan is a whole different story. GI mags are and have always been flimsy crap...that's just coming from a guy who has used them for 20 plus years
I just returned from my 6th deployment and use a mix of HK and GI mags. The HK are the best I've ever used. I've found that when I unload my GI mags every 2 weeks or so and let the spring return they work much better. The extra weight with the HK is almost a nonfactor given the performance they offer. If you can't handle an extra couple of pounds, go find a desk job.

I've actually seen pmags break and cause stoppages. I'm not sure what the reason was, it was in the middle of a fire fight so it ended up on the deck, but I've also seen them break on the good ole rifle range as well. For the price and performance benefits, I won't buy the pmags.
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