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I also spoke to them recently and I was told that if your dros was delayed, they are not even looking at them until gun sales die down. The problem is, they only have 10 days to look at a new request...if they miss one because they are busy reevaluating the delayed requests, there is a potential for someone to slip through who isn't authorized to have one. Please don't read this as "I agree with them", because I dont and I think it is bs. Mine is delayed for an arrest in 1995 that never even went to court because the charges were dropped. I joined the military in 1997 and currently hold an active top secret clearance. I went back to TN last month, got certified/notarized copies of the warrant and disposition, and faxed them over on the 21st of Dec. They will neither confirm that they have received the faxes nor give me any idea of when it will be resolved. I have tried to provide proof of ny TS clearance, and was told I would just have to wait. I have given my info to Brandon, and I encourage everyone else to do the same if you havent already.
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