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Originally Posted by Renee1632 View Post
What I question the validity of is not allowing the men's opinion on this. I realize this is the women's board, and I would expect them to show respect and civility on this, as with all topics. However, if women are put as infantry--that's their wives, their daughters, their sisters. I say, their opinion is valid as it directly affects them as much as us.

Also, OHOD, thanks for your service as well.
The topic has been discussed in the OT forum, ad noseum. With a predominant male opinion.

There is no validity needed here, I wanted to know what a womans opinion is without interruption from men. Sifting through pages of posts trying to find the opinion on a male dominated forum is especially difficult....especially when I don't know who the women are.

There you have it. No mystery, no conspiracy, just want to know your opinion.
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