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Default Building a press stand for a Hornady LnL - v2.0 ...updated 2/24/13 - FINISHED

*********** Updates in threads below - scroll down to the bottom of the page ***********
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2/24 update - v2.0 finished!!

I decided my bench did not have enough room to add a Hornady LnL press, so I thought it would be best to mount in on a stand.

I poked around on the net and really didn't find anything I liked. They were, for the most part, grinder stands that didn't seem too well built and I had concerns about the weight distribution considering the arm/ram action. Dillon makes one, but the color would have to change (LOL) and the base looks like it was meant to be bolted to the floor. Blue stuff is usually expensive and this was no exception.

Closest thing I found that I really liked was a stand that Gavin from UltimateReloader built. Here's the stand:

Then someone did a set of plans for the stand and I decided to run with those. Here's the basic plans:

I did a life-size mock up to anticipate any issues and discover how accurate the plans were (I did some mods as well). My cardboard expertise:

I didn't want to bolt my stand to the floor, so I extended the front of the plate to avoid the forward tip factor with the intention of mounting wheels.
The wheels I picked up a a big box hardware store :

Finding "scrap" iron is easier said than done. I also don't know how to weld and I didn't want to spend the $ on the gear and making this my "learning" project. Looked around and found a local metal fabricator (who also shoots I found out) and selected him to do the work.
Here's my cardboard translated into reality:

Adding the wheels to test the mobility (and locking) as well as the "tilt factor" (I mounted the press and no issues whatsoever...yay!).

Over the course of the next few days/weeks, I plan on doing the following:
  1. Cleaning the surface (mineral spirits/acetone)
  2. Removing any welding splatter
  3. Sanding/prepping the surface for paint
  4. Priming it
  5. Painting it
  6. Maybe adding a marketing sticker or two
  7. Clear coating it
  8. Cutting off excess bolt material on wheels
  9. Mounting the press
  10. Solidifying some ideas I have on accessories (lighting, primer collection, bullet/shell holder - I am not doing a bullet feed/shell feed combo)
  11. Anything else that strikes my fancy
Yes, the build/journey is what I enjoy here, so there is no rush to reach the finished product. My attention to detail will prevent my rush to finish, but I will give it plenty of attention and post the updates as I finish them.

Should be an interesting body of work.

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