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First, some background: I'm a former Marine who just left active duty recently and a veteran of OEF (Afghanistan). I'm also a woman.

I clicked "no," but my answer is more complicated than that. Are there women physically and mentally capable of serving alongside men? Absolutely. However, I strongly believe that "can" doesn't always mean "should." Psychologically it isn't fair to the men. Also--our infantry has done a phenomenal job since its induction. Why should we mess with what works just in the name of "equality"? Because I'm sorry, but messing up the status quo to avoid hurting feelings is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I'm just not convinced it's a change that would be a drastic improvement in the way we fight--and shouldn't that be the only reason we take action on this?

That being said, I had the privilege of working along several women who were in a FET (Female Engagement Team, called "Lioness" in Iraq). They were a team of Marines from varying jobs whose jobs were to interact with the women of Afghanistan since the culture forbids outside male/female contact. Several of my friends in the FET earned Combat Action Ribbons--they encountered combat same as the men. They were absolutely critical to the mission and did an amazing job. I have zero issue with this.

What I question the validity of is not allowing the men's opinion on this. I realize this is the women's board, and I would expect them to show respect and civility on this, as with all topics. However, if women are put as infantry--that's their wives, their daughters, their sisters. I say, their opinion is valid as it directly affects them as much as us.

Also, OHOD, thanks for your service as well.
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