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Originally Posted by BrianDavis View Post
Can I as AD go with NG/AR units? I mean im a Medic so hopefully that would have some leverage. Problem is we arent on the deployment rotation til 2014 and even then its just a rumor
I don't see why not, during my last deployment our 1SG got fired shortly after we got in country and his replacement was AD from Ft Carson. I think all the other individual volunteers/ transfers were national guard, the replacement CO was from OK but I don't remember if he was NG or AD.

That deployment was all jacked up, CO and XO fired during the MOB, 1SG lasted a week or two in country, E-4s getting lateraled to Corporal so they can TC trucks and having E-5 and E-6 as gunners and drivers because they were incompetent. Mind you the vast majority (not all) were from P.R.
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