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Originally Posted by USMCbassman View Post
Thanks Librarian!

Hypothetical scenario here and I'll use me just to make sure I understand this correctly:

Since I'm a resident of Kansas, but reside in CA (on military orders) I can continue to return to my HOR state, purchase firearms, and bring them in state without any consequence or requirement to register them as long as they are not Title II firearms (or if they are and I have proper approval from the ATF)?

Could you point me in the direction of state law that says that? Reason I ask for that is my wife works for the local PD and is telling me that I will be required to register my guns. I opposed her in that statement, but she swears up and down that I do.

Thank you again...I will also do some searching on my own; however, from what I've read on here you seem to be the man can find any law in black and white!
mrdd got the one - it's nice that other people caught that bug! - and I'll do the other.

To the bolded question, best info is "No".

To reiterate for frequent commenters on that, I don't like it, but I have no documentation to refute it.

See the wiki --
Calguns Wiki, Magazine Qs, Knife laws

Unless there is some way to amend a bill so you would support it,
the details do not matter until the Governor signs or allows the bill to become law.

Ask CA law questions in the How CA Laws Apply to/Affect Me Forum
- most questions that start 'Is it legal ...' go there.

Not a lawyer, just Some Guy On The Interwebs.

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