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I seldom purchase supplies from local sources, as the selection is limited and stocks are usually inadequate. So, I shop online for all my supplies.

In checking several online sources I find that some bullets and brass is in very short supply just now, anything .223 Remington, .9mm and .45 ACP among them. We had panic buying and Christmas depleting the supply. We can expect this to improve as manufacturers catch up with the demand.

Starline .45 ACP brass is back ordered until 1/31/2013 a box of 500 $89.50; box of 1000 $156.50 (best brass available).

Powder Valley is out of stock and behind on shipping.

Midway USA has .45 ACP Remington brass both nickel and brass finish, and Winchester brass in stock.

Grafs has some brands including Starline 100 packs, Remington nickel +p (same stuff just +p designation), Magtech, and Armscor brass in stock.

Grab what you need while its available. Brass is not loaded ammo and can ship anywhere in California.
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