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Default 20 Days to get gun from Long Beach to Torrance?!

I wanted to buy a gun so I called to check stock. I was told they have 5 in stock at other stores and it would be no problem to order one of those. So I go down and take number and after waiting two hours I tell them I want to buy the gun. They instantly seem doubtful I will be able to get one. I explain I just called and they said no problem. So he starts calling around and after getting hung up on by a few different stores, I knew they hang up on us all the time but surprised they hang up on their own, he finally confirms one for me at Long Beach after like another twenty minutes. So he explains for some weird reason with their truck schedule it will take freaking two weeks to get my gun there. Seems pretty ridiculous to me but whatever I am used to dealing with Turners bull**** and with my ten day waiting period it is only an extra few days.

So I call today to make sure my gun is there before I go down and now they are telling me because of the holidays my gun missed the truck again or something and it won't be there until next Tuesday. WTF?! Really?! 20 freaking days to get a gun from Long Beach to Torrance?!
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