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Due to overwhelming popularity of the event we are needing to start enforcing a attendee list. The bay that we are occupying has been quite overcrowded the last few times where safety has become a concern. So if you are planning to attend you need to sound off so we can put you (and your guests) on the list. Otherwise we will have to turn you away at the door.

1. engi
2. engi's [guest]
3. BlackLotus
4. BlackLotus's [guest]
5. Calgunner739
6. VaporShax
7. VaproShax's [guest]
8. elfstone
9. elfstone's [guest]
10. elfstone's [guest]
12. JackRydden224
13. JackRydden224's [guest]
14. Dark Paladin's [guest]
15. djandj
16. djandj's [guest]
17. djandj's [guest]
18. djandj's [guest]
19. Ocog2181
20. Ocog2181's [guest]
21. pbsmind
22. pbsmind's [guest]
23. DisturbedAle
24. Dmantigerfire
25. Dmantigerfire's [guest]

Wait List

1. moyneur

If you are not able to join us in the bay, you are still more than welcome to join us for food afterwards.

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