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Originally Posted by Brien View Post
Why are people so concerned about having registered firearms? Unless you plan on using your firearm illegally you have nothing to worry about. The government is never going to come knocking on your door collecting guns. If anything having my guns registered is a pro in case of theft.
You think you are getting your guns back after a theft because they're registered? LOL!!! Keep your own list of #SNs, give it to the police if they're stolen. You still won't get them back if they're found. They go in the pile with the gun buy-backs.

The ONLY reason for registration is to have a nice list to collect them when they decide that the kind of gun you have is no longer suitable for you. As has pointed out earlier, that's being proposed in Illinois. Suppose 30 mags were serialized and registered. Given the upcoming push to ban them, don't you think they'll come and get them. It's not paranoia when bills like this are being proposed.

I especially don't like "if you're not doing anything wrong, why worry" responses. Would it appropriate for the cops to just drop by your house and do a safety check? No telling what's going at your house. Could be anything in there.
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