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Originally Posted by savannah View Post
So in January 2014 long guns will need to be registered. So are we going to have a year of panic buying of shotguns and rifles? Slowly but surely our right are being taken away. If we don't find a way to fight this, we will end up like Australia.
Is the NRA going to challenge this BS law in federal court? CA lawmakers have no regard for our 2nd amendment rights and liberties and something needs to be done about it. I plan to be out of this joke of a state before next Jan anyways so I guess it doesnt matter. As for panic, I havent seen it with shotguns much. Still plenty to be had in stock form at the local stores I have been in. However, ARs are nowhere to be found and I just bought the last Remington 870 pistol grip at a local range out here in the OC. Seems the shorter barrel length pistol grip shotguns are getting harder to find.

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