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Originally Posted by stilly View Post
Hey wth! my 44 mag cases do not fit!
or PAD?

As far as I know, you can not trim straight wall cases with this type of a trimmer, as there is no shoulder to index from.

I trimmed my 460 mag brass on a lyman electric trimmer. It worked pretty well for the big cases vs. 223 cases, but I also don't reload 460 by the hundreds at one time. I am still on my first 100 pieces of brass. If the man in brown would hurry up and get here, I could have the 100 new starline cases that my brother bought me for Christmas or my Birthday a few weeks ago.

Hey Stilly, seriously, have you had to trim any of your 44 mag? I always heard that pistol brass did not have to be trimmed, but my 460 definitely grew. The new brass was within 1-2 thousandths of each other, and after multiple reloads at various power levels, they were all over the place.

Oh, and PAD for my post count, my friend.
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