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Originally Posted by Wrangler John View Post
Having been a range officer at a public range I called them brass snarfs. Snarf = to grab something in greed, esp. without permission.

Our range collected the brass and did indeed recycle it along with the bullet lead. A 55 gallon drum packed full of brass weighed 550 +/- lbs, so at $1.75 per lb, they ran $962.50 per drum. We sold four drums of brass at a time = $3,850. Which is why the brass drums were kept locked in a shed. We also allowed a local commercial reloader to pick .45 ACP brass which he would return to us as reloads at a wholesale discount that we could sell at retail. Every possible revenue stream offset budget expenses.

I really dislike snarfs and scroungers.
So here is my problem with that. You sell the brass as scrap, right? So it is taken out of circulation. Why not just let those of us who are, how shall we say, very diligent brass recyclers pay for the scrap value of other people's brass when we leave the range? We get brass, you get your money and it's a win/win.
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