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Originally Posted by profbri View Post
Yes I am New, and it wasn't a ppt. It was an out of state purchase that needed an FFL to receive and transfer the gun to me. And he clearly said "DROS fee," I live in Brentwood (SoCal) and even I was shocked.
Doesn't matter what he said, or called it - the fact is you are purchasing a gun from out of state, that requires the gun to be sent to a 01FFL. What you are being charged for is the "transfer fee" which the receiving FFL can charge whatever he wants. That fee is to cover his cost of receiving the gun, bringing it into his inventory and tracking it, and paying all the overhead of being an FFL in CA.

Its a shame that you didn't do your homework prior to purchasing a gun from out of state, because paying the fee (to this FFL or another FFL) is what you are going to have to do in order to get the gun you purchased.

Shopping around is about the best way you can find an FFL that charges less - the average price of this service is around $125, $350 is the highest I've seen, but since you didn't know what questions to ask, we don't know if that $350 is the total price DROS + TRANSFER + TAX (oh yeah, did you know you're going to have to pay CA sales tax to the FFL that you transfer this gun through?) or just the transfer fee.

Find an FFL in your local area on gunbroker should get you started. Call and ask everyone of them, what is your out of state transfer fee? and what would the total fees (including DROS) be.

You might be able to find a local FFL that works out of their home (yes even in SoCal we have them, there is one right around the corner from me in Lakewood).

Good luck, and do your homework before jumping in next time.

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