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Originally Posted by fredieusa View Post
Any link to the actual law or DOJ Regulation where i can print that up please? Thanks
here are the DOJ FAQs on that,
What fees can I charge in addition to the DROS?
In addition to the State's $19.00 DROS fee, you must also charge a $1.00 Firearms Safety Testing fee and a $5.00 Safety and Enforcement fee. If the transaction being processed is a dealer sale, consignment return, or return from pawn, you may impose other charges as long as this amount is clearly shown as a "dealer fee" and not misrepresented as a State fee.

(PC sections 12071(b)(11), (12))

What fees can I charge for handling a Private Party Transfer (PPT)?
If the transaction is a PPT, you are restricted to charging no more than $25.00 in State fees described and $10.00 per firearm for conducting the PPT. For example:

For a PPT involving one or more handguns, the total allowable fees are $35.00 for the first handgun, and $31.00 for each subsequent handgun.
For PPTs involving one or more long guns, the State fees are limited to $25.00 for the whole transaction plus $10.00 dealer fee per firearm transferred.
(PC section 12082)

and the current PC,
26875. A licensee shall post conspicuously within the licensed
premises a detailed list of each of the following:
(a) All charges required by governmental agencies for processing
firearm transfers required by Section 12806, Chapter 5 (commencing
with Section 28050), and Article 3 (commencing with Section 28200) of
Chapter 6.
(b) All fees that the licensee charges pursuant to Section 12806
and Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 28050).

26880. A licensee shall not misstate the amount of fees charged by
a governmental agency pursuant to Section 12806, Chapter 5
(commencing with Section 28050), and Article 3 (commencing with
Section 28200) of Chapter 6.

28055. (a) For a sale, loan, or transfer conducted pursuant to this
chapter, the purchaser or transferee or person being loaned the
firearm may be required by the dealer to pay a fee not to exceed ten
dollars ($10) per firearm.
(b) No other fee may be charged by the dealer for a sale, loan, or
transfer of a firearm conducted pursuant to this chapter, except for
the applicable fees that may be charged pursuant to Sections 23690
and 28300 and Article 3 (commencing with Section 28200) of Chapter 6
and forwarded to the Department of Justice, and the fees set forth in
Section 31650.
(c) The dealer may not charge any additional fees.
(d) Nothing in these provisions shall prevent a dealer from
charging a smaller fee.

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