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Originally Posted by EssDee View Post
Funny thing is.... At the Kearney Mesa location, they're all actually pretty good with the Customer Service part....

The BS usually comes from customers....either making all kinds of small talk before or after their transaction (with the employee not cutting them off) and it just makes it take WAY longer!
That and because its usually packed the wait is long, you get the Aholes who start talking sh1t about "they're taking forever" etc.....
If you don't like it just leave.....
Or people who KNOW guns, "just looking"....taking up valuable time for the rest of us who are there actually BUYING!!!!!!!
I would say that the great customer service at Kearny Mesa is their greatest strength as well as their weakness. I'll be the first to admit that I chat the ear off of just about everyone I can get a hold of, just because I'm a noob and I have an endless supply of questions, but just about everyone there seems really eager to talk things up, so I can't help myself! I do feel bad about the people that are waiting behind me, but hey...As far as I'm concerned the waiting is all part of the buying experience...

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