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In March I got a "delay delivery" tag to my FFL on an AR lower DROS. It was for a feloney VC arrest in 1971, resolved as a misdemeanor. I attempted to retrieve the records as the DOJ requested but to no avail, as the court purges misdemeanors prior to 1975. I wrote to the DOJ and spelled out what I tried to do and what I was told by the records department. To my surprise a DOJ agent called me (in September) and said it was straightened out, and email sent to the FFL approving the DROS, and in the future I would not have any issues. I went right out and bought a Century SKS to see if there would be a hang up. None (nice Sinobainian too). They made it good and fixed the errors.
FYI $1200 bucks was a lot of ducats in '71 to fix my bad teen age (19)judgement. Thanks Dad. PAX
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