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I think that the term brass-hole could very well be a street slang term meaning a-hole brass rat that only seeks to grab brass to then turn around and sell it back to folks...

I myself am a brass rat at the indoor range and a brass hound at the outdoor range. The only difference in my opinion is the rat is for a smaller range and the hound has the room to run all over. I am a hound at bee canyon and steele PeakE and a rat at my local indoor range.

I think that is a good term for that guy. If you are not shooting then GTFO. At least I will shoot at my local range and then turn around and suck up MOST of my brass. Unless it is 44 mag, then I am straight anal about getting it all or I get mad (internally...).

I never fight over brass though since I have a hundred pounds + of it, I still like to grab as much as I can though just cause I like to pick up little shiny things. (thus the RAT in me). If someone next to me at the indoor range is shootiong I will start asking them if they want their brass or not rather then be a recluse with a loud gun in the end stall...

Oddly though I DO have a problem with someone that walks over to my area and starts sucking up all of the brass. Currently my only policy is to stare at them and give them a look of disaproval if eye contact is made. It has only almost happened once. One guy was sucking up every piece of brass that hit the floor before it bounced the second time. I referred to him as the hoover vacuum...

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