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Originally Posted by GOT8SPD View Post
I know this is going to make things more complicated, but with your guys knowledge on that you're actually doing it. If you had to do it again...knowing what you know.

How would you build your own kit? Looking at a couple things and learning more the past 24 hours, I definitely want a turret style press opposed to a single press. Some things i'm not sure about such as a scale...i'm sure it's easier with a digital scale?

What kind of scale capabilities should I look into? 1000 gram? Will my cocaine scale work? Just kidding

BTW...I looked at the RCBS kit seems to be around $350. The Lee kit was $200 on FSreloading. The Dillon BL 550 basic loader is $260?
If you were to buy things individually you will likely get components that will last your reloading career, versus some bits and pieces that you may want to replace sooner rather than later.

On the scales, I would highly recommend you get a good beam scale (like an RCBS 505 (which comes in the RCBS RC kit) or Dillon Eliminator). There will be any number of people urging you to get this or that brand cheap digital scale. I have tried a lot of them and all of them fell terrible short. I have concluded those that love their cheap digital scale don't possess a weight check set. But then again, maybe I have just been unlucky. In any case, a beam scale takes the luck component out of it.

I love my Dillon 550B, but frankly, I think you can get everything you want at this point with a Lee Classic Turret. If you want better "other bits", buy the classic turret and everything else separately and you will be done for a long time.

The RCBS RC Supreme Kit is another great option. All the components in that kit will last a lifetime. If you really get into loading, you will have a press in the Rock Chucker that will last the rest of your life. Mine is over 40 years old and works like new, and it has seen some pretty rough service.

If you do go the Dillon route, you will spend quite a bit more, but also will last your lifetime, plus. Dillon also holds its value better than any other brand.

Good luck, have fun.
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