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Default Lodi LEO's

I realize police officers have a hard time and they have to be hardasses most of the time, as a matter of fact I've had a hard time getting along with some police in the past. I have to give major recognition to Lodi Police, I came out this morning to go to work about 6am and discover my car was stolen. I called the police department they dispatched an officer fairly quickly, he took my report and while he was taking it asked me the generic questions and if I had any markings or stickers on it and I told him it did.

I had a few rifle/ammo stickers on it and then the subject of the stolen car changed to guns while he was still filling out my report. We talked about rifles and AR's, possible bans and the ridiculous prices, he gave me a lot of great advice and it was a generally pleasant time while filling out a police report. He was very cordial and pleasant for the whole interview process and made some jokes which made me chuckle even though I was upset.

He said that they have good luck usually in locating stolen or missing vehicles. I later I called his voice mail that he left with me so I could give him the serial numbers for my tools that were in the trunk so they could process those and watch for them.

After talking with my insurance company about 9am I got a phone call, it was from the officer that took my report. He asked what my plate numbers were and my car make and model. I confirmed then he told me to come pick up my car it was blocking traffic and I almost jumped out of my shoes. Not only did he let me come get it while it was in the way, there was no tow bill. YAY!

I went running out the door I think at the speed of light, once I was there he had me go through the car as he processed everything I/he found. I recovered one tool box that was too heavy to carry away and I was only missing one small bag of tools and my cds. However I am extremely happy to have my car back so quickly too without any major damage. (window was forced down and track broke, ignition was busted).

Having said all of that, I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of how quickly this situation was resolved and the great attitudes of all involved. Because as I now know getting a car stolen is a very trying process.
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