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Originally Posted by OHOD View Post
Good point.
I need to find that out on Monday.
When I go to the Manteca PD, who would I ask?
I don't know if the Manteca PD CCW process has been changed, but I know when I applied less than a year ago (and was denied because my good cause of self defense was not good enough), the process was inefficient and expensive.

Before they accepted my CCW packet, I had to:
(1) Purchase my firearm (for my S&W M&P .40 Compact, $550), holster, & ammo;
(2) Attend PC 832 firearms training (approx. $400); and
(3) Attend one of Manteca PD's two CCW firearms qualifications sessions (held in spring and fall of each year) ($25).

My own cost was much higher because I also bought (and filed to carry) a S&W M&P .40 full-frame at the same time (another $550).

After all that was said and done and the CCW packet was submitted, the police captain who processes CCW applications interviewed me (after interviewing my references) and said that although everything looked OK, my good cause statement was probably not good enough, because my situation was not unlike every other city resident.

Ultimately, the police chief went along with his captain's recommendation, and I was denied for lack of good cause.

I pointed out to the chief that I wished I could have found out sooner that pure self defense would not suffice, because of how much money I had already spent on the CCW process. He indicated that he understood my concern, and that he would review the process.

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