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Digging around on the internet for what I'm looking for I came across some interesting sites.

Free Topo Maps, this site gives you the latest version in GeoPDF which is apparently now the standard.

USGS Map locator & downloader

• To find a map, on the left side it has two selections, Navigate & Mark Points. Click on Navigate and double click where you want the map to zoom to. Just one click to center where you want the map then zoom down or out with the +/- just like google maps. You will notice the layer with the Topo Map Names these are in 1:24000 scale or 7.5min.
• To get a map, click on Mark Points, then click somewhere in the grid square of the map you want. In about 5 seconds a Point Marker appears, put your mouse over the marker and click, a popup appears with the top selection being the Topo map, click on the + and it will add that map to your download basket.

So if you clicked inside the Coloma grid you would get the Point Marker, then click on that marker to add that map to your download basket.

The next site USGS National Map Viewer is really interesting and has the BLM overlay. There are a bunch of function/features on with this viewer, and you will have to play with it.

Note you can find areas using the Topo map sections from the previous site. For example in the search bar type in: camino
That is the Topo area south of hwy 50 above Placerville.
• Next, in the upper left corner of the map, you will see icons you can click on, click on the hand, now you can move the map around with your mouse to adjust position.
• In the Left Column under Overlays, is all the layers you can add or subtract to the map. Turn them all off and then on one at a time, to see what is displayed. Turning on Government Unit Boundaries will show BLM land.
• You will notice it shows both National Forest (NF) or ELDF El Dorado Nat Forest, and some BLM. Hardly any BLM. I cross checked the BLM patch split by Fort Jim Rd near Newtown and both Google Earth and this National Map viewer render it the same.

There are so many layers and things you can do with this.

I haven't tried the download feature yet.

Hope this helps...

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