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Originally Posted by XVIga_Rob View Post
Here's the link for the thread about BLM overlays on google earth.

Not all BLM properties allow for target shooting/plinking.
This was a great help, I was able to add on the BLM layer for Google Earth. I wish it was just boundaries instead of large color blocks, but it is easy to turn on/off to see the map layer below the BLM layer.

Thanks for taking the time to find that link.

Originally Posted by skibuff View Post
I live 2 miles from there and there is 6+ inches of snow on the ground right now.
Using Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, I can easily see many spots worth checking out along the route you mention. But that will have to wait until snow melts & ground drys out..

My main vehicle is a Pickup but not 4wdr. Even the lower elevations are too wet & muddy now, easily get stuck.

Although I would rather pay a little gas and get out away from people, the ol range will have to do for now.
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