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Funny you should post this, I've had a few friends ask me about reloading for Russian Surp lately as well.

It's like reloading anything else, read the reloading forum here, look into some good books on reloading (ABC's of Reloading is a good starting book)
Read and research first.
This is also my favorite reloading link here:

Based on your reading you'll know what you'll need.
(Press, dies, trimmer, tumbler, etc etc)

As Checkenback stated though, pretty much all the surplus ammo you have or can get is Berden primed (without very special tools it's impossible to reload, and from what I understand, a total pain even with the right tools.)

You can buy boxer brass, but it's pricey.

And at the risk of an entirely negative post, getting primers and powder right now will be about as much fun as finding ready to go ammunition.

So short, yes it can be done, and if you're worried about the plug getting pulled on cheap combloc ammo, then by all means start learning.

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