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Default New term: Brass-hole

So as a reloader, we all have an affinity for picking up brass.

Most ranges have a policy that you can only pick up your own brass (some more stringent than others) and once the brass is in the range's buckets, it's off limits as the range sells it as another source of revenue.

When I'm shooting at the range, it's usually pretty obvious who to my right or left is a reloader. For those who don't reload and it's a caliber I load, I usually ask if they want their brass. More times than not, they say no and have no issues when I ask if they mind if I sweep up what lands near/around my bench.

Only once did I have an over zealous RSO ask me if I was sweeping up my own brass. When I informed him the lane next to me said it was fine to sweep their brass he went his way (nothing in a bucket was touched).

So today we see this guy. As one of us were shooting, he walks by our lane and starts picking up a few pieces of brass. Wasn't ours, so I didn't pay too much attention (other than we'd seen him before...doing the same thing). Later on, he starts going from bucket to bucket. My group looked at each other and said "WTF?". When he first walked by, he bent down and grabbed a few loose pieces of brass on the concrete. No biggie. This, however, was what I'd consider a blatant no-no by going from bench bucket to bucket and pulling out what looked like large caliber rifle brass (see the full zip lock). Again, not loose brass on the ground, but only brass in the 5 gallon buckets.

So, my group tried to come up with a label describing his actions as we've all seen different levels of brass "fans". Seeing a group of shooters sweep all their brass up and dump it in the range bucket is like fingernails across a chalkboard to anyone who reloads. Such a waste (from my personal point of view), but a benefit to the range in the bigger picture. Reloader "greed" to some degree. So, after bouncing around a few labels, we came up with "brass-hole" for what this guy was doing from bench to bench. He spent so much time at our bucket I couldn't believe an RSO didn't see him and I took out my phone and snapped a few pics. Then we took a few more of him working his way down the lane, bucket to bucket filling his mongo ziplock bag.

Looks like he had his ninja brass collecting outfit on as well...

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