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I have very mixed emotions on this subject. Honestly, I know I don't know the real horrors of war. My very best friend in the world is a Vietnam war vet. He is a tough guy. He was a Los Angeles sheriff did three tours in Vietnam and was special forces in South America chasing drug cartel. Vietnam war is what what made him a changed man. Some things he just doesn't speak about. But, he is a great man with a great heart. Do I think I could have been on the front line with him? Absolutely not. I don't have the stomach for it and would have had less when I was in my 20's. I am a little more toughened and hardened today. Now do I believe there are some women could do it? Absolutely.

So the question is, should they be "allowed"? My answer is yes. If they can pass the training like a man and shoot and have the mental toughness needed, then they should be allowed to serve on the front line. Do I think most women have the strength and ability to keep their brothers and sisters safe out there.........I don't think so.

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