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Default horrible business practice *venting*

Okay here is my story...

On 11/23/2012 (black friday), I was one of the first customers that day @ the San Bernardino location. I already knew what I wanted, so after being called up I told the employee exactly what I wanted in their ad that came out that day. Did the paper work besides the DRO since it wasnt it stock... Was told by the employee that my weapon will come in about a week and then I can start the DRO process. Was a bit upset, but didnt mind 1 week of order.

On 12/5/2012 I decided to call them since I havnt heard from them. The employee on the phone kindly told me its still not at the warehouse.

On 12/13/2012 I decided to call them again and was put on hold right away for quite some time, but once I finally got a hold of someone to ask about my firearm, I was quickly it wasnt in without the employee having to look at my paperwork.

On 12/19/2012 The first called I made, a female employee picked up and told me they just received a shipment and didnt know for sure and that I should call back in about 2 hours.
Finally gave them a called back and a different employee brought out my paper work and told me it in the warehouse and I can start DRO

On 12/20/2012 Waited about 30 mins before being called up. Completed DRO in about 15 mins

On 12/30/2012 (today) As I was waiting, there was an older couple being help by an employee looking to buy a self defense revolver. After a while of trying to decide, the employee brought a revolver from the back to show the couple. The couple finally decides what they wanted and it was the revolver that the employee got from the back. Something along the line of "sorry this one is already sold and we dont have any more in stock". The same employee disappeared for a lil while but another employee took over. He was super pushy with couple and basically told them that they only had 1 revolver that met their criteria and that was it. Of course the couple left.
Back to the story. Waited about 1.5 hours (only 10 people ahead of me) before getting called up. Told him I was picking up. The guy went to the back room for about 15 mins and I could see him struggling to find my weapon. He finally comes back to tell me that my weapon has been sent to a different store... Told me I could get their display model which was told that it came on wednesday. At this point i'm pissed as I inspect the weapon. I'd decided I'll get it since i rather not go through an ordeal like this again.
Since I needed a serial# transfer I was sent to the cashier for an approval stamp, which had a huge line since the cashier went missing for about 5-10 mins.
Now that I was finally able to get back to the counter to pick up my weapon, the employee decides to throw in a box of cheap 38 special ammo (non reloadable).

I've heard of stories like this but I guess I thought it could never happen to me.
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