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I've had a couple of PMs asking for status update so I wanted to post here for everyone.

I talked to Addax yesterday. They have been in touch with the forging company last Monday which are on a skeleton crew due to the holiday season. Our forgings are being created now.

As a reminder:
Originally Posted by main_groupbuy_post
The lowers are ESTIMATED to be completed by the end of January 2013. ...
This is our best guess estimate based on current market and industry conditions.
With the holiday season and the insane demand for lowers, we may be a couple of weeks late. So instead of end of January, it may be mid February. As soon as Addax gets the forgings they'll start on the engraving immediately.

Before we all strap down our tin foil hats too tight, just remember what Brandon (aka Wildhawker) said, nothing is happening right now. Your lowers are not in danger. This group buy will be completed and everyone will be enjoying their new shiny CGF lowers soon!

And CGF will have almost $3k donation from this group buy to help preserve 2A in this criticle year to come.
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