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Originally Posted by FMJ545 View Post
They are banned because they don't fit in the m27
The Marine Corps just put it in the Marine Corps times that all Polymer Magazines have been banned. Part of this is due to the M27 IAR. The PMAGS will not fit in the M27 where as the new GI issue ones will. Also, will the PMAGS work in a M-249?
I love the PMAGS as I use them as well, and I use them in my AR, but recently we started to get new Mil issue mags that actually have anti-tilt followers and such. The followers are tan instead of green or black. I took them to NTC and I fired hundreds of rounds of live ammo and a thousnads of blank rounds. The only issue I had was one magazine that I had damaged the body on. Otherwise, all other 6 magazines worked without ever having to clean them the whole rotation.
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