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Here's an interesting ethical note:

I'm a lifelong feminist and have opposed the military draft (I only want soldiers in the military who want to be there).

In about 1980 my younger sister was in law school and there was a possibility that the draft would be extended to women. And I was stuck!
  • I didn't want my sister to get drafted,
  • I didn't want her law school to be interrupted
  • and I was totally sure that if women are full citizens, they should be as liable to the draft as men are.
Horrible dilemma to be caught between two strong political/ethical beliefs and a family situation. And my baby sister would have been a terrible soldier. She was and is scared of her own shadow and panics under pressure consistently.

This conflict was awful for me and for my parents. In the end, it didn't matter since the law didn't get passed. Middle America was not ready to give up its daughters and made Washington very aware of their opinion. But it is really enlightening to confront your own beliefs and conflicts that way, under such pressure.

Thank god we have an all volunteer military now, where people can go and serve who want to stand up for their country, or get a skill, or go to college after, or have life-long free health care or all of the above. All you have to do is risk your life...
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