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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
I realize im walking into a free fire zone posting this, but I can't hold my tongue on this topic.

War is not a game. Its not a Hollywood drama where you jump on a plane to some unknown romantic land and spread the Good Word on Republican government. Its a lot of waiting, followed by short periods of terror where you pray you made it out alive with your friends. Sometimes your friends don't make it back with you. Sometimes the chain of command orders you to do something so foolish you KNOW your friends aren'
t coming home.

When it comes to allowing women to serve in front line infantry, all I have to say is this. Beware what you wish for, as you may get exactly what you asked for.
First off. I was in the Army from '83-'86. I'm well aware of what war is.
Secondly, this thread is for women only. I do not know if you are a woman or not. If not, please do not post here.
Thirdly, your post was real, but your tenor was condescending in that you are making the assumption that we do not know the responsibilities we have in war.
Fourth. I would gladly be drafted. And I am careful what I wish for and I wish that I can fight alongside my brothers and sisters.

Edit: I just found out the answer to number two. While I appreciate your comments, my question is for the ladies. I do not want a man to come into this thread and push their opinion. Regardless about studies is Israel, snipers in Russia, question stands for the ladies.

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